“Infused with love and light”

“Deeper connection”

Vibralite® healing raises your vibration, increases your light and aids your ascension.

Vibralite is a new and unique healing modality encoded with light coding and high dimensional sound and light frequencies. It has been gifted to us by the star nations to aid our ascension.

Now is the time for us to shine

Do you want to make the most of the new ascension energies streaming to earth? Then Vibralite healing will be the catalyst that moves you forward on your spiritual path.

Vibralite is coming through on a galactic frequency, so the frequencies are very high dimensional. Vibralite healing is designed to release and dissolve physical emotional or mental blockages or obstructions, to our progression to ascend. Vibralite healing raises your vibration and restores well-being.

Vibralite works with the galactic realm and therefore addresses the energies that are required now to take humanity to the next tier of our evolution. Vibralite takes a new level, as humanity is now ready. Vibralite’s new light codes are able to come through mainly because humanity has evolved. Vibralite now reaches into those vibratory frequencies where humanity is evolving into and beyond.

How Vibralite aids ascension

Ascension is about activating the dormant parts of your soul. The human being has the potential to be love, and to radiate love, and to live in a harmonious loving way. That means to be completely dis-ease free. So that they have this incredible radiance and that is their light that they are radiating.

Vibralite is designed to release and dissolve physical emotional or mental blockages or obstructions, to our progression to ascend.

In order to fully activate all our potential as a galactic human being, Vibralite aims to dissolve or release energetic frequencies that are harmful to our resonance as a human being of creation.

Vibralite releases and gives people the energy frequencies that trigger the dissolving of lower frequencies that stand in the way. Vibralite helps the healing, and at that level of healing is the remembrance of the full divinity of who you are.

At all of its levels, Vibralite is assisting a person to release density of their human mind and body, and by doing that, allowing them to expand into a more light filled being.  Vibralite’s activations upgrade the light body, which is activated, reawakened, regenerated, and refreshed by Vibralite.

The more light that one is carrying, the more inner peace they have, the more wellbeing. All these things are significant in the journey of a human being into a higher expanded version of self.

Trial a Free healing from Vibralite

Are you interested in learning Vibralite and would like to trial a free healing for yourself?

Well you can! Before you commit to learning this powerful and transformational modality, experience a 30 minute video healing that’s custom-made especially for you by the Vibralite energies. 

Vibralite ascension has been explained this way:

“Vibralite sends a veil of light and sound directly to the core of the being. It then diffuses out through to the ethereal layers, filtering through all the cracks and crevasses in the process, shaking out the old as it projects outwards, filling the entire being with transformational sound and light energy.

The being then lights up, as if they have a torch shining from within, shedding layer upon layer of unnecessary baggage until finally they reach their utopian pivot.

At this point they are no longer pulled down by past experiences and problems, and instead have a sense of internal freedom and wellbeing, not yet experienced in their lifetime. It’s as if the light is finally turned on and the way is now clear. The soul recognises the journey is complete and it has come full circle.

It is time to shine as the person you truly are. Your soul purpose is clear and finally awaits you”.