Light language

“Infused with love and light“

“Deeper connection“

Light language is a special high frequency galactic energy that creates healing. Vibralite’s galactic frequencies contain an energetic form of light language, therefore it is silent and extremely powerful.

Vibralite is streamed from other galaxies

Vibralite is being streamed to us from other galaxies via a stargate. The energies come through the stargate, where the energies are being collected, calibrated, and collated and then streamed to us. This occurs through a system of healing pools, which protects the integrity of it.

Just imagine all the healing frequencies as atoms, and they are out there as universal light, initially in a random way. Because we are needing to harness them and bring them down as a modality here, they form into clusters of activated healing energy. The random frequencies form a sequence, a structure, a pattern, which becomes the essence of Vibralite.

When people call on Vibralite healing, they are specifically getting this stream line of Vibralite which has been woven by the galactic star nations for what we need at that moment. It’s like pulling the energy that’s out there into a flow and into a format that’s needed. They’re putting in ingredients of different aspects of frequency that’s needed.

What we need at the moment is changing all the time, so they are constantly upgrading Vibralite as well. Vibralite is a very conscious and intuitive energy and responds to what we need.

Vibralite and light language

Vibralite’s galactic frequencies contain an energetic form of light language. Therefore Vibralite is silent but extremely powerful.

Light language uses symbols, sound frequencies, colours and light to create healing energy. The difference between one energy and another is the frequency through which it comes – it’s vibratory resonance – and that’s connected to where it comes from. Healing energy in the 12 lower dimensions come from the humanly worlds.

Vibralite is coming through on a frequency that is a galactic frequency, so the frequencies are from at least the 9th dimension and higher. Vibralite works with the galactic realm and therefore addresses the energies that are required now to take humanity to the next tier of our evolution. Vibralite takes a new level, as humanity is now ready.

Vibralite’s new light codes are able to come through mainly because humanity has evolved. Vibralite now reaches into those vibratory frequencies where humanity is evolving into and beyond. Vibralite will take people from where they are now into the next phase of evolution.

Vibralite’s light codes

Light codes are the mathematical coding that exists within the frequency of the Vibralite energy that is being transmitted from Source, either through an intermediary or directly, to a willing recipient.

Vibralite is like a whole computer of healing light codes that can be downloaded in the moment that you send the thought to Source that you want them. The thought goes directly to where the Vibralite frequencies are harnessed, and into an energy stream that can come down to us on planet earth, and into the individual who has called on them.

The energetic coding that comes with Vibralite is made up of some quite complex mathematical codes. All consciousness is mathematical. There are mathematical equations to encode and decode consciousness. We, as human beings, are made up of a mathematical programme. When it was decided that this human race would exist, we were created with a unique mathematical and sacred geometric and harmonic coding, that would give us our form and would give us our unique signature. Every individual has a unique signature, which is also known as our soul signature or energetic signature.

Vibralite healing

In order to fully activate all our potential as a galactic human being, when we have healing, we dissolve or release energetic frequencies that are harmful to our resonance as a human being of creation. Vibralite healing is designed to release and dissolve physical emotional or mental blockages or obstructions, to our progression to ascend.

Vibralite is all about preparing people for the new world. It’s about releasing and giving people the energy frequencies that trigger the dissolving of lower frequencies that stand in the way. 

The release process begins at the point where the person decides they are ready for a Vibralite healing. That might be when they make an appointment with a practitioner, or see the ad and decide that’s for them. That’s when they recognise that their soul signature is calling for that sort of work. It may be a conscious or an unconscious decision.

Anyone who comes for Vibralite, has an awareness that they are more than a physical being. They understand that they are energy, and that’s why they’re getting energy healing. They can then open the opportunity for the Vibralite frequencies to come through and release.

Vibralite energy is transmitted from Source, through an intermediary, to a willing recipient. It’s an important aspect that people have to be willing to receive them. They don’t need to know what they’re receiving, they just need to be willing and have that level of acceptance that comes when you say “I not sure why I’m doing this, but I know this is what I’m meant to be doing”.

Vibralite is suitable for anyone who wants to release anything that is a lower energy that doesn’t allow them to be in vibrant health – emotional, mental and physical.