Certified Vibralite Healer


The Certified Vibralite Healer course marks a significant milestone in your Vibralite journey. On completion of this course you will become a Certified Vibralite Healer. You will then receive a new certificate and a special Certified Vibralite Healer seal (or image) that you can display on your website and social media.

The enhanced energy that you will gain from this course will solidify all the previous courses, as well as strengthen the depth of energy that will help others.

This five week certification course includes:

  • Your Certified Vibralite Healer attunement
  • Five powerful energy transmissions
  • Your Certified Vibralite Healer certificate
  • A beautiful seal to add to your website and social media

This course does not need or include a manual or videos, as there is no learning component to this course. This course only runs for five weeks, therefore there are no free healings included in this course. (More details below).


You must complete Vibralite 5 Ultra before you can join this course.


Course contents

By the end of this five week course you will become a Certified Vibralite Healer, and you will receive your Certified Vibralite Healer certificate and seal. This is not a course per se, it is a certification process, however it does have the added bonus of another attunement and energy transmissions to further strengthen and enhance your energy and gifts.


Module 1 – Introduction

This module includes a welcome from Helen, and a summary of the contents of this course.


Module 2 – Your Certified Vibralite Healer attunement

This is a very special module because this is where you receive your Certified Vibralite Healer attunement.


Module 3 – Energy transmissions

This module contains five audio transmissions that contain higher dimensional Vibralite frequencies and light codes that will help to fully embed and assimilate your attunement. They are designed to help you connect to the Certified Vibralite Healer energies on a much deeper level.


Module 4 – Certified Vibralite Healer agreement

This module reminds you of the Vibralite Healer responsibilities regarding the Vibralite trademark and copyright. Vibralite Healers will have already agreed to the Vibralite terms when they signed up for each course.


Module 5 – Conclusion, certificate, and seal

You now officially become a Certified Vibralite Healer. In this module you’ll receive your Certified Vibralite Healer certificate and seal.

This marks a milestone in your Vibralite journey, as you have now completed the final Healer step. The journey is not over, because after this course you will continue to receive Healer upgrades if you are a subscribed member of our online community.

The course runs for five weeks.