Healing with Helen

Enjoy the ultimate healing experience! A one-on-one Healing with Helen.

Whether you’re seeking spiritual advancement, or to release blocks that are holding you back, this healing will help you move forward on your path.

Your very special healing will include a powerful Vibralite healing combined with Helen’s high frequency light language and light code activations.

Book now, and we’ll email you to arrange a time.

Very powerful, transformative healing!

“I recommend doing a one-one-one Healing with Helen. Very powerful, transformative healing! Helen is very personable, lovely, and kind.” Erin Johnston, USA


I can really recommend a Healing with Helen

“I am a healer myself, however having a personal healing session with Helen is taking it to a different level entirely and I can really recommend if anyone is considering asking for a one on one with her that you give it a go – you won’t regret it.” Lisa Sinclair, New Zealand

About your Healing with Helen

Your healing will be held via Zoom or Skype.
You will spend 30 minutes with Helen enjoying the healing energies, then your healing will continue for the next 3 to 4 days.

How to Book

To book your healing with Helen, simply purchase the healing, and we will email you to arrange a suitable time.

Get three BONUS GIFTS worth $100 with your healing*

1. A personalized Vibralite distance healing. Value $55
2. A very special Vibralite essence. Value $25
3. A recording of your healing. Value $20
(*Find out how to get your bonus gifts below).

My heart has never felt this light

“If you find yourself blocked, Helen can probably help. First of all, the energy came in through my heart centre. I felt waves through my heart then to my body. I finished feeling lighter of heart than I can remember, and very centred and balanced. Thank you Helen.” Merran Gwyndell, NZ


Strong energy radiating from the core

“I felt strong energy radiating from the core as the whole of my insides got very hot… plus I felt tingling all over my skin….a strong pulsating feeling on crown and 3rd eye chakra too. Thank you very much Helen for this Vibralite healing experience.” John Charles, UK

*How to get your bonus gifts

1. Your personalized Vibralite distance healing.
From the moment you book your healing, your healing experience will begin with a Vibralite distance healing. This healing will be given to you automatically when you make your booking. You don’t need to do anything to receive it, you will receive it automatically. Just lie back and enjoy it! (You won’t receive an email or link to get the healing, simply lie back and intend to receive the healing, and it will come).

2. Your very special Vibralite essence.
Have a bottle of water handy during your Healing with Helen, and Helen will create a Vibralite essence for you. The essence will support and enhance your healing. You can continue to take it for a few days after your healing.

3. Your recording of your healing.
Helen will record your light language healing and activations, so that you can listen to them over the coming days to enhance your healing experience. (You will receive your recording via email or electronic transfer).

Find out more

For further information on Vibralite healings, visit our Healing FAQ.

Vibralite healing is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. No healing claims are made. View our disclaimer for more details.