Vibralite Pendant – Silver & Clear Topaz

Order your uniquely attuned Vibralite pendant today, giving you a constant connection to Vibralite’s powerful Healing and Ascension energies.

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Each individually crafted Vibralite pendant connects you with the highest Vibralite energy available on the Earth plane right now.
Now you can wear and carry that connection wherever you go, with Vibralite’s unique sacred geometry design aligning you within its energetic field.

Each piece is individually cast to the very highest jewellery manufacturing standards, and lovingly finished by hand, to ensure the perfection of each piece.
Because your Vibralite pendant is made especially for YOU; it connects you with exactly the combination and frequencies of Vibralite energy you need in each moment; lovingly
connecting you to Source, the Ascended Masters, Angelic and Galactic realms, and more.

Your Vibralite pendant is a sacred talisman that can provide you with protection from unwanted or unbalanced energy of others. This can be critical if you are a healer – and is important for everyone who chooses to align themselves with Unconditional Love.

As Earth and all her creatures evolve at this time, Vibralite is also evolving as a leading part of the wave of change – bringing the highest energy down through the dimensions
to our Earth plane, for our ongoing growth and movement towards Ascension.

The energy of Vibralite connects you with your individual pendant and links you with latest and most sacred energy available to us right now.

Your individual jewellery piece is made especially for you. It is different from any other piece of jewellery you will ever own.
Wear your very own unique Vibralite pendant and let the Healing and Ascension energies fully embrace you from the moment you put it on!

Crafted in sterling silver
Pendant diameter 35mm
Bail length 9.3mm
Total length 44.3mm (including pendant plus bail)
Pendant thickness 2mm (before crystals)
Weight 9.38g in sterling silver
Includes 8 clear topaz crystals, each 2mm round
Made in New Zealand
Chain sold separately
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Your pendant will be individually crafted just for you, so please allow up to 3 – 4 weeks for delivery.

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