Release distance healing

Trapped in a space you feel you can’t get out of? You may need releasing from things that hold you back. Vibralite Release unleashes your full potential. Vibralite Release gives a deep emotional cleanse. It clears heart and mind, allowing you to flourish, grow, and restore.

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You will receive your distance healing automatically, as soon as you make your booking.

How to receive your Vibralite distance healing

This healing will be given to you automatically when you make your booking. You don’t need to do anything to receive it, you will receive it automatically. Just lie back and enjoy it! (You won’t receive an email or link to get the healing, simply lie back and intend to receive the healing, and it will come).

About your Vibralite Release distance healing

Your Vibralite healing is a distance or remote healing. There is no voice or other contact, and no feedback or advice will be provided regarding your healing.

If you are not fully ready for your healing at the time it has been organised, then you will receive it at bedtime.

How to prepare for your Vibralite healing

You can choose whether to sit or lie down for your Vibralite healing (and some people even fall asleep!) Do not drive or use heavy machinery during your Vibralite Heal healing. As the healing is very relaxing, it may cause you to lose concentration or fall asleep.

Vibralite healing arrives in a wave of energy and is similar to what you would expect from an energy healing. Vibralite healings last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

You may or may not feel the healing come in, however it will always be given in some form or other.

You may not feel any immediate effects, however healing does continue over the next few days following your healing.

Frequently asked questions

See the FAQ for more information.

We hope you enjoy your Vibralite healing.