Experience healing like
you’ve never known before

Vibralite is spiritual energy in its highest and purest form

Welcome to Vibralite ® – A place infused with the highest vibrations of light, sound, colour, crystalline and star frequencies.

This is where Source healing is accessible, fast, powerful, and transformational.

If you’re seeking to heal yourself, your loved ones, your clients, or the world, Vibralite is here for you. If you wish to deepen your connection, ignite your gifts, and fast-track your ascension, Vibralite will work with you.

You have been called here for a reason!

“My self confidence has increased, my intuition has grown, I feel more empowered, I have been manifesting more quickly these days and I’ve realised how intention really works for us. Vibralite has become my favourite healing modality.” Esther Carrascosa, Spain

Vibralite gives you:

Spiritual expansion

  • Raise your vibration
  • Dissolve lower frequencies and energetic blockages
  • Deeper connection with your higher self and soul purpose
  • Supports your ascension

    Advanced healing gifts

    • Powerful new energies and gifts
    • Quick and easy healing in seconds, with one simple request
    • Intuitive and responsive healing
    • Enhances your existing healing gifts and modalities

    Powerful healing

    • Brings peace and wellbeing
    • Releases blocks that are holding you back or causing you pain
    • Heals all levels of your being – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
    • Creates positive, deep, and long-lasting changes

    Heal yourself and others with the highest and purest form of spiritual energy

    Hear others experiences

    Please note: Outcomes may vary, because everyone responds to healing differently. We recommend that you continue to follow the advice from your medical practitioner.

    Why choose Vibralite Healing

    Easy to learn

    Vibralite is quick and easy to understand. Anyone can learn it in just 2 hours. No fancy hand positions, no complicated rituals or techniques, and no special skillsets needed. You can just ask and it’s done. Vibralite healing enhances all other healing modalities and styles you use now.

    Vibralite is fast

    Source energy is instant because it is everywhere. We have countless stories of instant physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing from around the world. From medical professionals and complementary healers to psychics, parents, pet owners, and self-healers, Vibralite knows that the need for global healing and ascension is now and there is no time to waste.

    Heal in person or remotely

    Vibralite transcends space, time, and borders. Whether you operate a 1:1 practice, wish to heal those in your home, or are sending healing energy or protection across the globe, Vibralite will feel your intention and simply take care of the rest.

    Vibralite is versatile

    Vibralite healers have reported phenomenal real world results. The list includes healing of physical ailments, healing complex trauma, and curing insomnia. Spiritually, Vibralite practitioners report increased channelling and psychic abilities, heightened intuition, instant manifestation, and a raised vibration. Best of all, the only side effects reported are joy, love, and clarity.

    The highest dimension of healing

    Source is Love and Vibralite is of Source. Vibralite unifies light codes and frequencies, sound frequencies, sacred geometry, and crystalline energies. Vibralite also carries the energies of Archangels Metatron, Raphael, and Michael, the abilities of Ascended Masters Thoth and Horus, and a multitude of Light Beings. 

    A growing community

    We are here to support each other in our personal growth, spiritual ascension, and healing journey. Becoming a Vibralite healer connects you with a loving, vibrant, supportive online community. We are here for you.

    “Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

    vibralite healing

    vibralite healing

    vibralite healing

    Totally amazing

    “Vibralite was just what I needed. Each level the frequency gets stronger. I have a true sense of peace within my being since taking these courses. Totally amazed at how the transformation was so gentle and you just know things are different.” Pam Brodeur, USA

    Now my 'go to' healing modality

    “I love the powerful simplicity of Vibralite. It works so quickly to restore energy and vitality to the body. I have practiced Reiki for a number of years but find Vibralite has a more powerful vibration and works quickly on a physical mental emotional and spiritual level. It is now my ‘go to’ healing modality.” Debbie Kingston, England

    Infused with love and light

    “Vibralite contains the highest vibrational frequency from the cosmos. It is purely infused with love and light not only for healing but also for spiritual evolution. This modality is simple, as it should be, and that’s how powerful it is, just by intention alone. So use this loving energy to yourself and to others unsparingly.” Michele Lavilla, USA

    Vibralite is high frequency healing

    Vibralite’s high dimensional healing frequencies release deep set blocks, raise your vibration and gives powerful healing. Here’s how it works.

    Every part of your being operates at its own optimum frequency, and when that frequency is maintained, it promotes healing and wellbeing. Vibralite generates the optimum frequencies, energetically and naturally, straight from the Universe. It targets the areas that need healing, causing them to vibrate at their own natural frequency, and this continues for several days.

    This sustained vibration restores natural equilibrium, releases deep set blocks, and gives healing on a very deep level. It is holistic, and infuses into all levels of your being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

    Vibralite is an intuitive and intelligent energy, so knows exactly what frequencies and healing is needed for each person or situation and where to send them. Vibralite energy is available the moment it is called upon and can be given in an instant.