Frequently Asked Questions

How is Vibralite different from Reiki and other healing modalities?

Vibralite is a new energy source
Reiki was developed in the 1920s by Mikao Usui in Japan as a spiritual practice for sending healing energy. Vibralite is a new energy to us and was first brought through in 2017.

Vibralite is higher frequency
Vibralite is a much higher frequency healing, as we are in much higher timelines now. Vibralite’s high vibrational frequencies quickly and easily releases blocks that are holding you back from your true potential.

Vibralite is easy can be sent in seconds
Vibralite is sent by intention, not by symbols as Reiki is. Reiki requires preparation and the healer needs to stay connected with the client either physically or energetically. Vibralite can be sent in seconds using a simple request. There’s no preparation, and no rituals or mantras. Vibralite energy is limitless and abundant, so it can be called on any time.

You can give Vibralite even when you’re busy or sick
With Reiki you need to be in the right state otherwise the healing can be affected. Vibralite healing can be called on any time, even when the healer is busy or sick.

Vibralite has a unique combination of gifts and tools
Unlike Reiki and other valuable forms of healing, Vibralite doesn’t come from the humanly realms; it comes from the higher galactic realms and uses a combination of frequencies, light codes, colours, crystalline energy, and sacred geometry to bring us some of the most powerful healing energy that is available throughout the Universe.

Click here if you would like to experience a free trial Vibralite healing for yourself.

Why do Reiki Masters prefer Vibralite healing?

Pam is a Reiki Master. Find out why she prefers Vibralite healing.

Is Vibralite related to other healing modalities or techniques?

Vibralite is an intergalactic energy that is new to us at this time. Therefore, it is not related to, nor does it draw from any other healing modalities, practices, or techniques. In saying that, existing energy healers and Reiki practitioners find the step up to Vibralite healing very easy and rewarding.

I am an experienced healer. How will Vibralite benefit me?

Vibralite will either compliment, enhance, or amplify your existing healing gifts, skills, and potential.

We have many very gifted healers who have become attuned to Vibralite after starting their journey using Reiki or other healing modalities. Vibralite works beautifully with other modalities, integrating healers’ existing gifts and energies into their Vibralite healing, and increasing their power and effectiveness. Just as love is unlimited, so is Vibralite. It is limitless and abundant once you are attuned and know how to use it.

Why do I need an attunement and training if you can give free Vibralite healing with a video?

Vibralite is an intuitive and intelligent spiritual energy, which we have channelled into a free trial video as a gift to potential Vibralite practitioners. It is only a small taste of what you can expect from a full session with a gifted Vibralite healer, and the video is only effective once per person.

Once you have received your attunement and training, you will be able to give powerful, limitless healing as often as you like.

Is Vibralite 'hands on' healing?

Vibralite healing can be given in person, by distance healings, or online (via video link like Zoom).

For in-person, you can give Vibralite healing in the traditional way of laying on hands, and you will feel the energy vibrating through your hands as you give healing.

Distance healing is fast and easy with Vibralite. That’s because Vibralite works on intention, so all you need to do is request a healing, and the person will receive it. You do not need to remain connected to the person. You can just ask Vibralite to give them healing, and Vibralite takes care of it for you.

Vibralite also works well for one-on-one healings and group healings via Zoom or other video link.

I’ve never done healing before. Can I learn Vibralite?

Absolutely! Anyone can learn Vibralite. You don’t need any previous experience, skillsets, or gifts to learn it. It is quick and easy to learn and do, and once you start you will probably find that your own natural gifts are uncovered and enhanced.

What do you mean when you say that Vibralite comes from the stars?

Vibralite healing is being streamed to us from other galaxies via a stargate. The energies come through the stargate where they are collected, calibrated, and collated through a system of healing pools, which protect the integrity of the Vibralite energies.

You might imagine the healing frequencies as atoms, and they are out there as universal light, initially in a random way. Because we need them as a modality down here, they form into clusters of activated healing energy. The random frequencies form a sequence, a structure, a pattern, which becomes the essence of Vibralite.

When people call on Vibralite healing, they are getting a specific stream line which has been woven by the galactic star nations into what we need at that moment. It’s like pulling the energy that is out there into a flow and a format of different aspects of frequencies as needed 

What we need is changing all the time, so Vibralite is constantly being upgraded as well. It is a very conscious and intuitive energy that responds based on what we need. You can learn more about how Vibralite uses light language to create healing here.

How can I use Vibralite to heal myself?

It is extremely easy to give yourself Vibralite healing (once you’re attuned to Vibralite). To receive self-healing, simply ask Vibralite, then Vibralite will give you a healing for half an hour, or for as long as you wish. With Vibralite, all you need to do is lie back and enjoy the experience! 

Vibralite is such an advanced healing modality that it allows us to have a direct connection with the Vibralite energies so that we can easily initiate self-healing. Vibralite initiates us onto the path of healing that is directly sourced from the universal healing guides.

Does Vibralite open you up to negative energies as well?

Vibralite is a very loving, protective and nurturing energy, so it only opens you up to positive energies.

Vibralite has built in protection that enhances your spiritual protection and reduces sensitivity to negative energies. These include a special Vibralite seal and Vibralite’s unique sacred geometry, which Vibralite healers receive when they are attuned to Vibralite 1.

How Vibralite healing works and what it does

How does Vibralite healing work?

Every part of you has its own natural frequency, and when this frequency is maintained, it promotes healing and well being.

Vibralite generates the optimum frequencies, energetically and naturally, straight from the Universe. The frequencies target the exact area that requires healing. This causes the entire healing site to vibrate its own natural frequency, and this continues for several days.

This sustained vibration restores natural equilibrium, promotes self-healing and restores well-being. It is holistic, and infuses into all levels of mind, body and soul.

Vibralite healing goes in really deep and creates long lasting changes.

How does Vibralite improve health and wellbeing?

Vibralite releases blocks that are holding you back or causing you pain.

It works on all levels of your being – physical, emotional, mental and soul healing. It addresses areas of stress and works to release blockages that create limitations, thereby allowing our full potential to come forth.

Vibralite assists us in releasing the density of the human mind and body so that we can dissolve the lower frequencies that stand in our way. In doing that, it allows us to expand into more light-filled beings. The more light we carry, the more inner peace and wellbeing we experience and the more expanded and uplifted we become.

How long is a Vibralite healing?

Vibralite healings usually last about 30 minutes, and then they continue working for the next three or four days, and sometimes longer. They go in really deep and create long lasting changes.

Can Vibralite cure me?

Vibralite does not claim to cure or fix anything. Instead, it opens a doorway to allow you to step into your best version of you.

We do not make any promises or guarantees about the results of Vibralite healing. Please read our disclaimer for further information.

How does Highest Good affect my healing?

Vibralite healings are given according to your Highest Good. When a healing request does not match the person’s Highest Good, the client’s higher self will adapt the healing to meet their Highest Good. 

There are many reasons why a healing may not match the Highest Good. Maybe their higher self has not approved of the healing. Maybe their condition is something they have to work through from a soul perspective. Maybe the healing works on different levels so they can learn acceptance and other things.

Karma is soul based. All our souls made contracts with what we want to experience in this life before we are born. So, if your soul wants to experience something for your own evolution, there is no way any energy healing will stand in the way of it. That is what working for the Highest Good means.

Does Vibralite give protection from EMF and 5G?

EMFs are frequencies. The Sun also emits EMFs. Some scientific research has shown that EMFs may have the potential to distort natural frequency and equilibrium.

Once attuned, Vibralite healers are connected to a constant stream of Vibralite frequencies and energy. As you move through the Vibralite courses, that energy has a higher vibration and greater resilience. If you are vibrating at a higher frequency then that is automatically going to give protection, because negative energy will be repelled by this positive energy. Therefore, there is less chance of you being affected by EMF. The Vibralite pendant helps with EMF too.

(The above was intuitively guided. EMF protection using Vibralite has not been scientifically researched or tested. Therefore, we cannot prove or assert that Vibralite helps give EMF protection).

Can you hear the frequencies during a Vibralite healing?

Vibralite sound and light frequencies are coming through at an expanded celestial frequency, so they are not audible to our hearing.

How the courses work

How do the Vibralite courses work?

You can learn Vibralite through a Teacher or online.

Vibralite 1 is the foundational course and you will be able to give yourself and others Vibralite healing within two to three hours. You can stop there, or move on to the higher levels if you wish to attain stronger healing energies. The Certified Vibralite Healer course gives you even more powerful healing energies, and gives you a special certificate and seal. Click here for more information on our Healer courses.

Each course comes with a separate attunement. Each attunement takes 8 weeks to fully assimilate in your being. You can start using the energy straight away to heal yourself and others, and it will increase in power over that time period.

How long does it take to complete each course?

The courses are designed so that you can do all your learning modules and receive the attunement as soon as you register for the course. This part of the course takes just two hours to complete. Then you can be sending Vibralite healing like a pro! The courses are short because Vibralite is easy to learn. The courses focus on the fun stuff (the Vibralite energies, how to use them, and how they work for you).

The total course duration is 8 weeks, because each attunement takes 8 weeks to assimilate before you can receive the next attunement, so we space it out so that you can begin to work with the new energies gradually as they are developing within you.

When will I receive new modules?

All the learning modules and the attunement are released at the beginning of each course.

This allows you to complete all your learning in one session if you like, and also practice what you’ve learnt. Course structure is clearly outlined on each course page, so you will know what to expect from each course.

Can I complete the course in less than 8 weeks?

No, the courses are 8 weeks duration, as this allows the attunement to fully assimilate.

Can children learn Vibralite healing?

Minors cannot receive the Vibralite attunement via this website, as this requires written consent from their parents. A ‘Minor’ is classed as the age of a minor in your legal jurisdiction.