Become a Vibralite Healer

“Infused with love and light”

“Deeper connection”

Heal yourself and others with the highest and purest form of spiritual energy

Vibralite is a powerful way to raise your vibration, release blocks, heal all levels of your being and connect you to your highest self.

Become a Vibralite healer and see the positive difference in your family, friends, clients, pets, home, and yourself.

Vibralite is:

Fast: In 2 hours you can use Vibralite for healing.

Instant: Just ask the energy and it delivers. No tools, mantras, or intermediaries required.

Intuitive: Works with your intention to give you exactly what your highest self needs.

Powerful: Creates positive, deep, and long-lasting changes.

Unique energy: Includes sound and light frequencies, light codes, sacred geometry, crystalline energy.

Multi-dimensional: Heals across all physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies.

High vibrational: Vibralite raises your vibration, supports your ascension, and gives you a closer connection with your highest self.

Complimentary: Vibralite energetically attunes itself to enhance your existing modalities and gifts. It also works alongside any alternative or conventional medicines.

Officially recognized: Vibralite is approved by the highly regarded IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

A Certification pathway at your own pace: Join Vibralite 1. You can stop there, or move on to the higher levels if you wish to attain stronger healing energies and full certification.

Awaken your higher consciousness and
attune yourself to some of the most potent healing energies in the Universe.

Vibralite 1 is the first step in your life-changing journey as a Vibralite healer.

What you’ll gain:

  • Instant Connection and attunement with the beauty of Vibralite energies.
  • Healing and vibrancy for your body, mind and spirit.
  • The gift of sharing healing energies with your family, friends, clients, and pets.
  • An infusion of high-vibrational energy for your home or work-place.

Complete Vibralite 1 and all of this is one request away.

Register for Vibralite 1, and receive these bonuses:

  • Specific Vibralite energy codes for your crystals and sacred objects.
  • Access to an exclusive community! Join, connect, learn, and share with healers just like you.
  • Instruction manuals and informative videos with all of the guidance you’ll need.
  • A certificate you will be proud to hang on your wall.

Vibralite courses were created by the founder of Vibralite, Helen Chapman. Helen’s life has been changed in profound and positive ways by Vibralite’s incredible energies. She is also a qualified and experienced trainer with experience in creating easy to follow, content-packed courses.

Complete Vibralite 1 and all of this is one request away.

The most incredible healing modality

“I find Vibralite healing works with the most powerful energies available to us at this stage. It is very easy to learn and even easier to use. I have been an energy healer since 1998 and I find Vibralite the most incredible healing modality. It is truly conscious energy and as a healer we can be creative with it and also use it with other healing modalities. Remote healings are incredibly easy to send. I have great feedback from family and friends and also my pets!” Frankie Schmid, NZ

Powerful and instant

“Vibralite creates change much faster than other modalities and has a much higher vibration. My remote healing sessions are so much more powerful and instant. My healing sessions were over an hour before and now they are instant. I use several modalities in my remote sessions and now they are all incorporated in the Vibralite. Vibralite is more advanced and feels multidimensional.” Niamh McDonagh, Ireland

Overall a lot happier

“The energy feels really good to me, really high vibrational and cosmic!! Since working with it I’ve felt really light, and overall a lot happier which is awesome. It sort of reminds me of home actually.” Bergitte WildHeart, NZ

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Course Structure

Vibralite 1 is the foundational course and you will be able to give yourself and others Vibralite healing within two to three hours. You can stop there, or move on to the higher levels if you wish to attain stronger healing energies. Click here for more information on our Healer courses.

Learning is self-paced, with no time restrictions or deadlines, so you can take as long as you like to complete each course. Courses come with an attunement, manual, access to a Vibralite community page, plus a certificate on completion.

Certified Vibralite Healer

The Certified Vibralite Healer course gives you even more powerful healing energies, and gives you a special certificate and seal. You can become a Certified Vibralite Healer once you have completed the Vibralite Healer courses.

Course duration

Vibralite energies are very powerful, so there’s eight weeks between courses. This gives time for the new energies to assimilate and your vibration to gradually rise before you begin the next stage.


Every Vibralite course comes with an attunement, which connects you with the Vibralite energies. Each attunement provides increasingly higher frequencies and more powerful healing tools and gifts. This creates greater personal strength and spiritual awareness for the healer, as well as the ability to offer higher frequency healings.

Vibralite Healer Community

We have a lovely group of healers from all over the world. We connect through our Vibralite healers community page on Facebook, plus you can become a member of our online Healing Community if you like. Our group is very friendly and supportive, so come and join us once you’re enrolled in Vibralite 1.

Cancellation policy

No refund is payable, as you will get immediate access to course content.

Free directory listing

Vibralite healers can have a listing in the Vibralite Healers Directory, once they are enrolled in Vibralite 2.

Powerful transformational healing

“Very powerful, transformative healing! Feel this shifting into a more clear, aligned space. Such a wonderful tools for healing and transformation – and you show me that it can be creative and fun! Thank you Helen.” Erin Johnston, USA

Life changing

“Vibralite Healing is the most powerful form of healing I have ever experienced. I have learned, practiced and experienced many modalities and I rate this as up there with the highest vibrational form of healing available on the planet at this time. I love its simplicity of use and its almost instant available when called upon.” Lisa Sinclair, New Zealand

Awaken your higher consciousness and
attune yourself to some of the most potent healing energies in the Universe.