Welcome to our healing community!

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Online healings

Enjoy as many Vibralite distance healings as you like. Choose from our wide selection of Vibralite favourites, plus many many more! Most healings include optional light language transmissions to further support and enhance your healing journey. Join now, and start healing straight away!

Healings include Vibralite Heal, Release, Immunity Support, Aglow, Relax, Clarity, Sleep, and many many more.

Regular live Zoom events!

This is where the collective vibration of Vibralite Healers is shared and expanded within a live setting! Join in on powerful group healings, share your gifts, or simply enjoy the embrace of like-minded souls.

Even without the healing this would be the highest vibration coffee chat you will have all month.

To be part of the love, light, and fun, see our Membership calendar.

*Exclusive to Vibralite Healers

Healing for your pets

Our non-human friends offer unconditional love and with Vibralite we can return the favour!

Animals are uniquely attuned to energy and respond powerfully to the energy of Vibralite.

Whether your special friend needs a healing boost or you wish to offer them a magical gift from Source, this is the space for you.

Please note that while Vibralite will enhance veterinary medicine and care, it should be only used as a complementary healing.

Healing videos

Join Helen and a host of other gifted healers and teachers for the latest in Vibralite meditations, group healings, and teachings.

Receive healing from ascended masters, the angelic realm, light-beings, and the earth or learn unique ways to apply Vibralite in your own life.

Experienced Vibralite healers and teachers are warmly welcomed to share your gifts here. It is together we ascend!


Vibralite Healers are at the leading edge of the evolutionary ascension process. As more multi-dimensional frequencies of light, sound, and vibration constantly open to us, we will need to be ready to physically, emotionally, and energetically receive them.

Our guidance is that we will receive energy upgrades twice a year for many years to come. Vibralite Membership offers you instant access to these energy upgrades and transmissions for seamless and ongoing integration.

*Exclusive to Vibralite Healers

Vibralite healers directory

Now you can list your details on the Vibralite Healers Directory!

Exclusive for Vibralite Healers who are on Vibralite 3 upwards, and are subscribed members of this community.

The healing pool

A place to fill your cup and soak in the healing gifts of the Vibralite collective. Simply request a healing and allow your energy to be restored by those on the same path you are on.

We all deserve healing and energetic support, especially as healers ourselves. This is where you can rest assured that all healings will be of the perfect frequency for your needs.

*Exclusive to Vibralite Healers

Teachers area

Our teachers area includes videos, updates, and mentoring exclusively for Vibralite Teachers.

Advanced Vibralite healer courses

Vibralite is evolving and is continuing to expand and connect with advanced new energies and gifts. If you have completed Certified Vibralite Healer, there is still more to come!

Your Membership will give you instant and exclusive access to advanced healer courses that will enable you to continue through the Vibralite healing levels as soon as they become available to us.

Each new level will include a powerful new attunement and energy transmissions. It will be amazing to discover what each level brings for us all!

*Advanced healer courses are exclusive to Certified Vibralite Healers and Vibralite Teachers