About Helen Chapman

“Infused with love and light”

“Deeper connection”

Hi, I am Helen.

Vibralite Healing changed my life. That’s why I am sharing this powerful and transformational new healing energy with you, so that you too can heal yourself and others quickly and easily.

I’d suffered from a traumatic head injury for many years, with chronic fatigue and brain fog making it feel like life was a real struggle. During this time, I experienced a rewiring of my brain that gave me the unexpected ‘gift’ of feeling other people’s pain whenever I came into contact with them. Back then I was still in my corporate finance career, and becoming a healer was the last thing on my mind. But the universe clearly had other plans for me! In 2017, I first received Vibralite’s energy as a direct download from my guides and it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Its extraordinary energy completely healed me; making my mind clear and bright again, increasing my vitality, and giving me my life back.

Now Vibralite Healing has become my true mission. I’m passionate about helping others benefit from its beautiful and nurturing power – and I’m here to help you on every step of your healing journey.

With love and light,

Helen Chapman

Totally amazing

“Vibralite was just what I needed. Each level the frequency gets stronger. I have a true sense of peace within my being since taking these courses. Totally amazed at how the transformation was so gentle and you just know things are different.” Pam Brodeur, USA

Feels like home

“Vibralite Energy feels like something very familiar to me. It feels like Home! The part I love is it feels like meeting an old dear friend, it feels like a family reunion after so many years. It feels like Home to me… Such Joy!!!” Agnė Talmantaitė, Lithuania

Overall a lot happier

“The energy feels really good to me, really high vibrational and cosmic!! Since working with it I’ve felt really light, and overall a lot happier which is awesome. It sort of reminds me of home actually.” Bergitte WildHeart, NZ

Vibralite is here to be shared

I am passionate about helping others to experience Vibralite healing’s amazing benefits. 

I’ve been there, where I had a serious disability and needed help to get me well. I want to make it really easy for everyone to enjoy Vibralite healing as much as I do, and receive its amazing benefits like I did.

That’s why I have created easy to follow Vibralite courses, so that everyone can easily heal themselves and others in profound and life-changing ways. 

My vision is to spread Vibralite healing throughout the world, including third world and war-torn countries. And at the same time raise our collective vibrations thereby raising the consciousness of humanity, so that peace and happiness can flourish.

My life-changing experiences

In this video, I talk about my first experience with Vibralite healing, and how it changed my life so unexpectedly.

In 2012 I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I stumbled around in a blur for years, suffering from memory loss, fatigue, and other things that made me unable to work or even function normally. I felt isolated and alone because I couldn’t go out, and I completely lost social contact.

Following my head injuries, I noticed that different noises affected me in different parts of my body. Sometimes my head, making me feel dizzy, or in my stomach making me feel ill.

I found it fascinating that there was a link between sound frequencies and physical impacts, so I started experimenting with different frequencies using a sound generator. Each frequency I tested, I noted exactly where it affected, and recorded the results. 

I discovered that each frequency affected me in a different way, whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual.

Through this research period, I discovered that every part of you operates at its own optimum frequency. When this frequency is maintained, it promotes healing and wellbeing.

Then in 2017, I first received Vibralite’s energy as a direct download from my guides.
My first experience giving healing with Vibralite was when I was sending remote healing to my sister. Suddenly, I could feel this new energy come in. It felt completely different from anything I had experienced before. It was a beautiful nurturing energy that also felt very powerful.

I started using Vibralite healing on myself. I found that I could simply lie back and ask Vibralite for healing, and I would receive it, simply by asking.

Vibralite healing was a lifesaver. It took my foggy mind and gave it clarity. Almost immediately, my mind was clear and sharp again. The dark clouds of fatigue lifted, and I was able to live a normal life. I was able to enjoy spending time with friends and family and going out again. After spending the previous five years in the wilderness, I was finally able to enjoy life and live normally again.

I discovered how to use Vibralite energy to heal others, as well as how to attune others so that they could become healers as well.

I’ve always been passionate about empowering others and helping them to learn and grow, so it seemed a natural progression to share this wonderful modality with others. I’ve used my skills as an experienced trainer and coach to create a healing system that is simple to learn and use.

Participants come away from my courses with the practical skills and knowledge to enable them to use Vibralite healing with ease.

Helen’s experience and qualifications:

  • Founder of Vibralite Healing
  • IICT Accredited Training Provider
  • 15 years healing and training experience
  • Certificates in Adult Education and Business Coaching
  • Diploma in Business and Graduate Diploma in Finance