Vibralite 5 Ultra

“Infused with love and light“

“Deeper connection“

If you have completed Vibralite 1, 2, 3, and 4 then you’re now ready to join Vibralite 5 Ultra.

Vibralite Ultra taps into a powerful new energy source that will greatly enhance and expand your healing abilities.

Learn Vibralite 5 now for just $88USD

Vibralite Ultra is an advanced course for those who are ready to embrace higher ascension light and more powerful healing energy. Vibralite Ultra is a significant energy upgrade. Course members have experienced big shifts in power and healing energies. It has unlocked special innate healing gifts, and further raised their vibration and light. 

Vibralite is evolving and is gradually connecting with other intergalactic energy sources that are compatible and aligned with Vibralite. This newest energy source creates Vibralite Ultra, and this energy is strengthening and enhancing Vibralite to create an even more powerful and higher vibrational energy. 

Join Vibralite 5 Ultra

Ascension energies are flooding us and our planet at this time. Vibralite converts these energies into a more bioavailable form, thus making it easier for us to access and use these very special and powerful energies to our fullest potential.

Vibralite Ultra is a very high vibrational energy. If you have completed Vibralite 1 to 4, then you’re now ready to join Vibralite Ultra. 

If you have completed Vibralite 1, 2, 3 & 4, then you’re now ready to join Vibralite 5

Module 1 – Vibralite Ultra Introduction

In this introductory module, you’ll learn about the Vibralite Ultra energies.

In this module, you will discover:

  • About Vibralite’s ancient origins.
  • The role of Vibralite here on earth at this special time.
Module 2 – Ultra energy pathways

In this module, you’ll learn more about the expanded Vibralite energy pathways that enable us to call on Vibralite healing and receive it from its intergalactic source – all in an instant. In this module you will find out:

  • What is Vibralite Ultra, and how is it different.
  • How Vibralite combines and uses all the different energy sources, including original Vibralite, Ascension, Ultra, and the healers own healing gifts.
Module 3 – Attunement

This is a very special module because this is where you receive your Vibralite Ultra attunement. Vibralite Ultra is a big step up, and this attunement marks the beginning of the upgrade process to Vibralite Ultra.

Module 4 – Energy transmissions

In this module, you will experience five powerful energy transmissions that will support your transformation into a higher light. They spell the word Ultra, and are Universal Luminating Transformational Radiating Aura.

These energy transmissions contain higher dimensional Vibralite frequencies and light codes, which will:

  • Support your transformation and enable you to radiate higher ascension light.
  • Help to fully embed and assimilate your attunement.
  • Connect to the Vibralite Ultra energies and gifts on a much deeper level.
Module 5 – Free healing at week 4

In this module, you can sit back and enjoy your first free healing straight from its most powerful source.

This module is available in week 4, once you have completed the previous modules.

Module 6 – Free healing at week 8

This module is another chance to it back and enjoy another free healing. This module is released in week 8.

Module 7 – Free healing at week 12

This module is another chance to it back and enjoy another free healing. This module is released in week 12.

Module 8 – Course conclusion and certificate

This is the final module in this course.

  • You’ll receive your Vibralite Ultra certificate signifying the completion of this course!