“Infused with love and light”

“Deeper connection”

Healing for our smaller friends

Animals love Vibralite healing. Vibralite eases their anxiety, relieves joint pain and arthritis, and even helps with car sickness!

Animals respond well to Vibralite healing, and we have witnessed some wonderful improvements, leading to happier, healthier, and calmer animals, and much happier humans too!

Learn how to give animals Vibralite healing. Then you’ll be able to give your pets (and any other animals) Vibralite healing whenever they need it.

Give your animals the gift of healing

What better way to show your animals how much you love and care for them, than sharing the gift of healing.

It’s so much easier to give animals Vibralite healing than other healing techniques, because you can simply send it to them. All you need is a simple request and they will receive Vibralite healing automatically. The animal doesn’t need to lie still, there are no lengthy treatments or fancy hand positions. No more getting down on the floor, keeping the animal still (which is not easy!), or chasing them around the room, and even risking getting bitten.

Now with Vibralite, you can just give one simple request, and Vibralite takes care of the healing for you.

You can give Vibralite to your pets while they’re on the go, while they’re sleeping, or any time! That’s especially handy for animals who are busy or aren’t so tame!

You can give Vibralite to wild animals and birds too. It’s easy because you don’t need to get close or touch them. You can simply ask Vibralite to give them healing, and Vibralite will take care of the healing for you.

Your pet will love their healing pool!

A Vibralite healing pool is the perfect gift for your animals. Animals can have their own Vibralite healing pool so that they can ask for Vibralite healing whenever they need it. Animals intuitively know how to use it, and they can use it to manage their pain and anxiety much better.

You can learn how to give a healing pool to animals when you become a Vibralite healer.

Extremely helpful for my animals

“We were packing up our home as we were moving. My adult cat started acting strange, he seemed anxious roaming around the house. After a couple of days I noticed him starting to spray in the house. He was feeling really stressed and confused. He received a Vibralite healing, after he was like a different cat relaxed happy and we had no problem then or once we moved him to the new place.

It’s so hard with animals as you can’t tell what’s really going on or how to help. I find Vibralite healings extremely helpful when it comes to my animals and that is the first place I turn when I have any concerns about them.” Carter

A non stressful way to help my pets

“We introduced an old cat called Whoopie into our home. It felt the need to assert dominance over our two cats that were already living there. There were a few scuffles, and we wanted Whoopie comfortable at our place and for them all to get along. She received Vibralite healing. After that I found Whoopie curled up in the spare room happy, content, and having a big nap. The cats still didn’t love each other but they didn’t fight after that.
It really comforts me to know I have a non stressful way to find out and address any issues my animals may have.” Maggie

Very happy with the results!

“My dog has always been very highly strung, but as he got older his anxiety was getting worse. He would chew at himself when I left the house, bark at any noise he heard outside and just never seemed to relax. At night he would be quite unsettled and move from place to place. When walking him he was showing aggression towards other dogs.

He received Vibralite distance healing and within a couple of weeks he seemed to be less anxious and more relaxed. He stopped chewing himself, was barking less and even seemed to be sleeping better. He still doesn’t like other dogs but seems less aggressive than he was before. Thank you Vibralite, I am very happy with the results!” Liz