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Vibralite 2 has advanced healing energies and techniques that provide deeper healing on all levels of your being. You’ll be able to clear blocks, release karma and past life traumas, and make vibrational essences. You’ll connect with higher dimensional frequencies that will further raise your vibration and light.

If you have completed Vibralite 1, then you’re now ready to join Vibralite 2.

Shifting me deeply
“Feel this shifting me into a more clear, aligned space. Excited by the potential of working with the expanded energies of Vibralite! And all that will bring.”

Erin Johnston, USA

Powerful deep healing

“Vibralite 2 is such a simple tool to use and yet so powerful. The use of light language frequencies, light codes, rays of Vibralite, vortex….. offer deep healing of traumas. Being able to make your own infusion with Vibralite Essence is also very powerful and great to offer the client after a therapy session. The course is so easy to follow. I really enjoyed the course.”

Michelle, England

Strengthened my connection

“I loved this course and the energy that provides together the new tools. I have felt it stronger and being a part of me. So it has strengthen my connection to its energy. I have noticed that my voice ‘vibrates more’ with light language so I suppose the new tools have been integrated now with the time. Thanks Vibralite.”

Esther Carrascosa Company, Spain

You will learn how to:

  • Use Vibralite healing techniques to provide deeper healing and help clear blocks, karma, and past life traumas
  • Have fun creating vibrational essences in an instant simply by infusing it with Vibralite!
  • Create powerful healing purely by speaking through the resonance of your voice
  • Give specialized healings that help to further release blocks, provide a boost of energy, and improve immune support
  • Become attuned to the Vibralite 2 energies
  • Receive 3 free Vibralite healings, worth $132 USD simply by completing the course!

Here’s what you’ll gain from Vibralite 2

In addition to the learning modules, you will receive 3 free bonus healings, worth $132 USD! Simply by completing the course.

Module 1 – Introduction to Vibralite healing 2

In this first module, you’ll learn all about Vibralite 2 energies and tools. You’ll discover:

  • What the new Vibralite 2 energies contain
  • What makes Vibralite 2 healing more advanced and powerful than Vibralite 1

Module 2 –Receive your attunement

This is a very special module because this is where you receive your Vibralite 2 attunement. The Vibralite 2 attunement gives you an activation that will gradually raise your vibration.

  • This attunement gives you an activation to raise your vibration
  • Your vibration will rise gradually until it is in accordance with the new higher frequency energy
  • Your energy field will gradually connect to that next level too
  • It will take 12 weeks to fully assimilate this attunement
  • Once assimilated, you will be able to accept and use the new higher frequencies and the new tools and gifts

Module 3 – Vibralite essences made easy

During this module, you’ll learn all about Vibralite essences and how to make them. You will find out:

  • All about Vibralite essences and why they are so effective
  • How to make Vibralite essences
  • What dosage to take and how to care for Vibralite essences
  • The routine behind Vibralite essences

Module 4 – Vibralite boost and immunity support

During this module, you’ll find out about some of Vibralite’s specialized healings. You will discover:

  • How to refresh and revitalize yourself with Vibralite boost
  • How to support your immune system with Vibralite immunity support

Module 5 –Light language frequencies and light codes

In this module, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Vibralite’s light language frequencies. You’ll find out:

  • How Vibralite uses light language frequencies and light codes to create healing
  • Where Vibralite comes from and how it is streamed to us from other galaxies
  • That your voice can heal

Module 6 – Releasing energetic blocks

During this module, you’ll find out how Vibralite 2 healing can go a whole lot deeper to release and heal. You will discover:

  • How Vibralite releases and heals energetic blocks, past life traumas, karmic debris, ancestral lines, and cell memories
  • What tools and gifts Vibralite uses to release and heal them
  • The process Vibralite uses to release past life traumas

Module 7 – Vibralite release

During this module, you’ll find out about another of Vibralite’s specialized healings. You will discover:

  • How to give yourself and others a deep emotional cleanse with Vibralite release

Module 8 – Toolkit additions

In this module, you’ll discover the new toolkit additions including rays of Vibralite and vortex. You will learn:

  • How Vibralite uses multidimensional rays of Vibralite to create precision healing
  • How the vortex is used to pull off debris for transmutation

Module 9 – Requests and routine

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to request Vibralite 2
  • All about the new additions to the routine for Vibralite 2 healing

Module 10 – Free healing at week 4

In this module, there is nothing to learn. Just sit back and enjoy your first free healing straight from its most powerful source. This module is available in week 4, once you have completed the previous modules.

Module 11 – Free healing at week 8

This module is another chance to sit back and enjoy another free healing. This module is available in week 8, once you have completed the previous modules.

Module 12 – Free healing at week 12 and course conclusion

This module is released in week 12, which is when your attunement has fully assimilated. It will be available to you at 12 weeks, once you have completed the previous modules.

  • You’ll receive your Vibralite 2 certificate signifying the completion of this course!
  • This is where you get to enjoy your third and final free healing

Amazing modality

“I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to participate in this amazing modality, as we have become ready for this energy right here and now! It is history in the making. I was really aware of the energy with the free healing this time. It was very heart and solar plexus centred initially and then moved to head and hands. Lovely nurturing energy!”

Claire Viskovic, NZ

Replenishes and recharges my tired body

“I have been busy working and find my Vibralite Essence definitely helps to replenish my tired body and recharge my energy. I have also tried the Vibralite Boost healing method when I wasn’t able to rest as long as I could and would wake up revitalized and alert ready for an 8 hour working day. It works amazingly well for me combined with the essence.”

Marilyn Nairn, NZ

Vibralite essence: Feeling more at peace

“What did I sense once I sprayed the Vibralite infused water into my mouth:
Interesting……………. I suddenly felt more serene, quieter, more balanced and at peace. I can still feel waves of energy moving through my body it comes and goes like the waves in the ocean I can feel my chakras pulsating gently… all of them. I feel more grounded too …. Exactly what I needed.”

Michelle, England

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If you have completed Vibralite 1, then you’re now ready to join Vibralite 2.