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“Infused with love and light“

“Deeper connection“

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Vibralite Ascension was given to us to aid our ascension, and to help us raise the vibration and consciousness of everything around us.

Vibralite Ascension advances your Ascension, raises your vibration, and expands you into a higher light. It gives you enlightenment and a closer connection with your highest self. Vibralite Ascension connects you with higher vibrational energies and gifts to enable you to have a material impact on the Ascension of yourself and humanity. 

Vibralite Ascension is a very high vibrational course. If you have completed Vibralite 1 to 3, then you’re now ready to join Vibralite Ascension.

A very powerful course!

“Definitely worthwhile doing if you want to assist yourself on your Ascension journey.”

Lisa Sinclair, New Zealand

Opened doors and gifts

“I just recently completed the Vibralite Ascension course. It was the best decision I ever made!! Sooooo transformational! My vibration increased tenfold! When that happened, my life changed. I started manifesting things that I didn’t think were possible. The vibrational shift opened doors and gifts that were a blessing and very helpful in my healing journey at this time. I am so thankful and grateful for Vibralite. My life has changed in unspeakable ways. So happy I took a leap of faith!”

Carly Fanguy, Sedona AZ, USA

What you will gain from this course

This course aims to:

  • Aid our ascension.
  • Raise our vibration.
  • Give us access to higher vibrational energies and frequencies.
  • Activate ancient dormant chakras.
  • Connect us with the crystalline grid, our universe, our galaxy, and other galaxies beyond. This enables us to clear the pathways of mother earth and beyond, thereby raising their vibration.
  • Access a ‘portal’ that connects us to ancient knowledge and wisdom, and a whole lot more.

This course culminates in the Vibralite ascension healing, which is a very high vibrational healing that connects you with the higher vibrational energies and frequencies. Once we are connected, we are like a continuous beacon of light receiving the high energies and transmitting them to wherever we put our conscious energy and thoughts. We are also constantly permeating healing light to mother earth and our surroundings and beyond for our evolution. 

To prepare you for this, the course includes the ascension attunement and ascension light language transmissions.

Powerful audio transmissions

“The light language audios of the ascension course are SO POWERFUL. Every time I listened to the one connecting us to the crystalline grid, I felt the energy descending from my crown chakra down my body and into the earth. You have done such a beautiful and powerful work.” 

Esther Carrascosa, Spain

Pure love and light

“The ascension energy was so vibrant and clear, as I was transported through the Golden pillars of light and the portal. Felt as though I was far far away. When I came back I felt as though I was in another dimension or level, hard to describe it all just felt amazing, radiating so much pure Love and Light. And my body felt Ultra Light and the energy has stayed with me.”

Marilyn Nairn, NZ

What you’ll learn in Vibralite Ascension

In addition to the learning modules, you will receive 3 free bonus healings, worth $132 USD! Simply by completing the course.

1 – Vibralite Ascension Introduction

In this introductory module, you’ll learn about the Vibralite Ascension energies.

In this module, you will discover:

  • About Vibralite’s ancient origins.
  • The role of Vibralite here on earth at this special time.
  • What makes Vibralite Ascension even more advanced and powerful.
  • More about what you’ll experience during Vibralite Ascension.

2 – Ascension energy pathways

In this module, you’ll learn more about the expanded Vibralite energy pathways that enable us to call on Vibralite healing and receive it from its intergalactic source – all in an instant. In this module you will find out:

  • What is Vibralite Ascension, and how is it different.
  • How Vibralite coding works, and how the coding helps guide Vibralite from its intergalactic origins to us.
  • How Vibralite combines and uses all the different energy sources, including the original Vibralite energy, the new Ascension energy, and the healers own healing gifts.

3 – Attunement

This is a very special module because this is where you receive your Vibralite Ascension attunement. Vibralite Ascension is a big step up, and this attunement marks the beginning of the upgrade process to Vibralite Ascension. 

4 – Light language transmissions

In this module, you will experience five powerful light language audio transmissions that will support your transformation into a higher light. These energy transmissions contain higher dimensional Vibralite frequencies and light codes, which will:

  • Support your transformation and enable you to radiate higher ascension light.
  • Help to fully embed and assimilate your attunement.
  • Connect to the Vibralite Ascension energies and gifts on a much deeper level.  

5 – Ascension healing

This healing is the highlight of the course. Vibralite Ascension healing is a very high vibrational healing that connects you with the higher vibrational energies and frequencies. This very special healing raises your vibration and light, and connects you with the crystalline grid and a whole lot more. This will enable you to have a material impact on the ascension of yourself, those around you, mother earth, and beyond.

6 – Free healing at week 4

In this module, you can sit back and enjoy your first free healing straight from its most powerful source. 

This module is available in week 4, once you have completed the previous modules.

7 – Free healing at week 8

This module is another chance to it back and enjoy another free healing. This module is available in week 8, once you have completed the previous modules. 

8 – Free healing at week 12

This module is released in week 12, which is when your attunement has fully assimilated. It will be available to you at 12 weeks, once you have completed the previous modules.

9 – Course conclusion and certificate

This is the final module in this course. 

  • You’ll receive your Vibralite Ascension certificate signifying the completion of this course!

Joined by ancestral spiritual beings

“I did audio 1 and could feel my eye chakra and crown chakra being very active, open and receptive to the light codes. While you were chanting the light language I had vision of ancestral spiritual beings… The aborigines, the Indian Native American, the Incas and some of your sounds sounded like the didgeridoo.”

Michelle, England


This is a very high vibrational course. Healers need to complete Vibralite 1 to 3 before they can enroll in this course.

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