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“Infused with love and light“

“Deeper connection“

Vibralite’s healing frequencies raise your vibration and give healing on all levels of your being. When connected with Vibralite’s powerful and transformational energy, it restores well-being, raises our vibration and light, and supports our Ascension.

What makes Vibralite healing so effective


Archangels, ascended masters, and light beings unite

Archangels, ascended masters, and light beings unite as a team to bring us this very special Ascension energy. Archangel Metatron unites with grandmasters Thoth and Horus to regulate the flow of Vibralite Ascension energy coming through to us. Archangel Raphael guides the healing, and Archangel Michael gives protection.

Vibralite is a pure high vibrational energy. It is coming through on a galactic frequency, so it is very high-dimensional and transformational energy.

Vibralite is a unique combination of potent healing gifts. It includes sound and light frequencies, light codes, colours, crystalline energy, and sacred geometry, all blended for incredible healing and support.

"Beautiful energy surrounding me"

“I asked Vibralite to give me healing. I started to see some patterns of light with my eyes closed, like geometrical light moving. Then I opened my eyes and I continued seeing this beautiful web of energy surrounding me, it was white energy, moving around, so very beautiful.” Esther Carrascosa, Spain

"An explosion of light"

“It was like an explosion of light in my chest area, breathing deeply to go with the expansion. Incredible warmth and a sense of being in the moment, serenity, peace, bliss.” Jennifer Belworthy, New Zealand


Do you want to be able to give yourself healing, quickly and easily, whenever you want it? With Vibralite, you can ask for your very own Vibralite healing and support, directly from the Universe.

All you need to do is ask!

It couldn’t be easier. Once you’re attuned to Vibralite, all you need to do is ask Vibralite for healing. Vibralite then steps in and performs the entire healing for you. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. You can ask as often as you like, because Vibralite energy is limitless and abundant.

"Serene and at peace"

“I did a self-healing this morning and could feel the energy traveling through my entire body. I could feel buzzing within my being and even after the session was completed. I could still feel waves of energy within my body and around my body. Doing the self-healing first thing in the morning also made me more serene and at peace.” Michelle, England

Healing for our pets

Animals respond well to Vibralite healing, and we have witnessed some wonderful improvements, leading to happier, healthier, and calmer animals, and much happier humans too!

You can learn how to give your animals Vibralite healing, simply and easily. Then you’ll be able to give them Vibralite healing whenever they need it. Your pet doesn’t need to lie still, there are no lengthy treatments or fancy hand positions. You can give it to your pets while they’re on the go, while they’re sleeping, or any time! That’s especially handy if you’re time-poor, and for animals who are busy or aren’t so tame!

You can also give your animals direct access to their very own Vibralite healing pool, so they can call on healing whenever they like. Animals intuitively know how to use it, and they can use it to manage their pain and anxiety much better.

"Less anxious and more relaxed"

“My dog received Vibralite healing and he was less anxious and more relaxed. He stopped chewing himself, was barking less and was even sleeping better.” Liz, Australia


Vibralite does not claim to cure or fix anything. Instead, it opens a doorway to allow you to step into your best version of you.

Everyone will have their own unique experience when it comes to a Vibralite healing. Vibralite can provide instant relief, or it may work slowly and quietly in the background over a long period of time, particularly if it is a deep-set issue. Having repeat Vibralite healings will allow Vibralite to continue working over an extending period, providing steady and gradual change.

An important consideration is the Highest Good. Healing the issue may not be in the Highest Good, and therefore a healing may have been adapted to meet that. So instead of a physical healing, it may be adapted to allow the recipient to better understand their journey.

Vibralite healing should always be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Your healing is yours, claim it today

“My energies are stronger now“

“Since I started this I feel different but can’t really explain how but just know. The healing I have been doing has been amazing. The people I have been working on told me that my energies are different and a lot stronger.” Pam Brodeur, USA

"Powerful and intelligent energy"

“I feel blessed to have been introduced to Vibralite. This is an extremely powerful and intelligent form of energy healing that is fascinating and simple to learn.” Vanessa Lord, Dubai

"Absolutely loving Vibralite"

“Amazing energies, awesome healing. Absolutely loving Vibralite. Thank you.” Merran, New Zealand