Receive a Healing

“Infused with love and light“

“Deeper connection“

Are you ready to release the blocks that are holding you back or causing you pain?

Then receive a healing from one of our gifted Vibralite healers or learn Vibralite healing yourself. Vibralite releases deep set blocks and gives healing on all levels of your being.

How to receive a healing

These are the ways to receive a powerful Vibralite healing.

  1. Experience a one on one healing from one of our gifted Vibralite healers.
  2. Join our Vibralite healing community.
  3. Become a Vibralite healer, so you can give Vibralite healing to yourself and others any time you like.

"Powerful transformative healing!"

“Very powerful, transformative healing! Feel this shifting into a more clear, aligned space. Such wonderful tools for healing and transformation – and you show me that it can be creative and fun! Thank you Helen.” Erin Johnston, USA

"Restructuring my being on every level"

“I fully felt the power of the energy coming through and restructuring my being on every level.” Agnė Talmantaitė, Lithuania 

Find a Vibralite Healer

Receive a healing from one of our gifted Vibralite Healers. 

Check out our Vibralite Healers’ Directory and find a Vibralite healer near you.

Join our Healing Community

A Vibralite Membership is your portal to the newest dimensions of healing and ascension. No matter where you are on your journey, you will have access to healings, attunements, and the vibrant collective energy of other Vibralite Members.

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Become a Vibralite healer

Vibralite is the fast, easy, and powerful way to heal others and yourself.

Vibralite’s healing power is in its simplicity and speed. Vibralite is the undistilled essence of Source, offering unconditional love of the highest vibration.

Become a Vibralite healer and see the positive difference in your family, friends, clients, pets, home, and yourself.

Your healing is yours, claim it today

“My energies are stronger now“

“Since I started this I feel different but can’t really explain how but just know. The healing I have been doing has been amazing. The people I have been working on told me that my energies are different and a lot stronger.” Pam Brodeur, USA

"Powerful and intelligent energy"

“I feel blessed to have been introduced to Vibralite. This is an extremely powerful and intelligent form of energy healing that is fascinating and simple to learn.” Vanessa Lord, Dubai

"Absolutely loving Vibralite"

“Amazing energies, awesome healing. Absolutely loving Vibralite. Thank you.” Merran, New Zealand