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“Vibralite is the most incredible healing technique I have ever encountered. It is so intuitive and easy to do, yet it is so powerful. It is such a vibrant energy that brings such happiness to me, my loved ones, and my clients.”
Faith Davis, USA

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“Vibralite is a powerful healing method“

“Vibralite is a powerful healing method that is very simple to use with amazing results.” Michelle, England

“You’ll be amazed with what you’ll achieve“

“Vibralite is a new healing modality easy to use and to learn. You’ll be amazed with what you’ll achieve with Vibralite. Even if you already use other systems give it a shot I’m sure you’ll not regret it. I’ll not be a spoiler so just try it yourself. I’ve been using it on myself and sending energy to others. Vibralite will help you to make a connection with energy and to use it in a safe and easy way. Just try!” Leandro Costa, Portugal

“High vibrations and beautiful energies“

“I had my Vibralite 2 attunement this evening. It was a wonderful experience very strong energies and vibrant colours. High vibrations and beautiful energies. Just loving the whole experience. It’s amazing, so grateful to be part of Vibralite. It is certainly life changing.” Marilyn Nairn, New Zealand

"Vibralite Healing is the most powerful form of healing"

“This is a very advanced and deeply profound healing modality. Highly recommend experiencing it. It may well be life changing for you. Vibralite Healing is the most powerful form of healing I have ever experienced. As a healer of many years I have learned, practiced and experienced many modalities and I rate this as up there with the highest vibrational form of healing available on the planet at this time. Its potential is unlimited. I love its simplicity of use and its almost instant available when called upon.” Lisa Sinclair, New Zealand

"I have found the energies of Vibralite to be the most effective"

“I’m so grateful to have been guided to Vibralite. After many years of other courses and attunements, I have found the energies of Vibralite to be the most effective. It’s incredibly easy to learn and even easier to give to others. It has an unusually strong vibration, which, I have to say, knocked me out at first…….in a most delightful way ! Its’ potential for raising the consciousness of humanity, I think, is huge. I would say also that it is an excellent enhancer to invoke when working with other systems. I thoroughly recommend it.” Jane Watkins, Wales

"A new means of Healing"

“Vibralite in my opinion a new means of Healing that will not only enhance existing Modalities but may even supersede. From my first experience I had the intuition Vibralite has its own Intelligence, Power and the ability to understand what is required with minimal instructions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend trying it for your self.” Robert Ritchie Registered Spiritual Healer, NZ

"I’m looking forward to doing Vibralite 2"

“Vibralite attunement felt very intense with energy flowing through the body and with a lot of tingling and heat. I must say that the self-treatments also felt producing relief in the stomach dissipating the excess acid. Now I’m looking forward to doing Vibralite 2.” Miguel Angel IBAÑEZ, Spain

"The energy is clear, quick and exactly what I need"

“Vibralite’s simplicity, accessibility, and amazing vibration resonated with me from day one. I have had a challenging few months and have used Vibralite, frequently on the run, to prop myself up. The energy is clear, quick and exactly what I need at the time. Love your work Helen.” Sheri Buckland, Australia

“Thank you so much for putting this amazing course together“

“I had learnt Reiki and Human and Universal Energy (or Life Energy). Vibralite is much quicker than the Reiki method. With Vibralite the moment you use the request, one can feel the vibration energy instantly.
Vibralite is extremely easy to use.

I did a self-healing this morning and could feel the energy coming through my crown chakra and traveling through my entire body working on my left hand side; the liver came to my mind which would make sense as I don’t have a gall bladder. I could feel buzzing within my being and even after the session was completed. I could still feel waves of energy within my body and around my body. Doing the self-healing first thing in the morning also made me more serene and at peace.

Thank you so much for putting this amazing course together and for your connection with this pure and new energy and the beautiful healing frequencies of the universe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge I really appreciate it.” Michelle, England

“A logical way to heal people, animals and places“

“A logical way to heal people, animals and places, with infinite energy. The realisation we can heal ourselves was most valuable.” Anna, NZ

"I can’t even believe how bright and vibrant I feel today"

“I can’t even believe how bright and vibrant I feel today, especially since I only had about 2 hours of sleep. I powered through a hard workout and still feel incredible. My mind feels so fresh and alert. I have fibromyalgia so usually I feel tired, especially when I work out, and I’ve got no brain fog either, which is normally an issue. I am loving this!” (The day after her Vibralite 1 attunement). Faith Davis, USA

"My clarity and focus is at its best"

“My clarity and focus is at its best it’s been in a long time.” Nicci, USA

"Really enjoyed this very practical course"

“The course was easy to follow and the weekly modules were well paced. Really enjoyed this very practical course and feels good to already be using my new healing techniques. ” Liz, Australia

"Very easy to use"

“Very easy to use. Workbook is great. Now I can use the self-care capabilities. ” Tracy, NZ

"Powerful tool to provide support and healing"

“Powerful tool to provide support and healing to those we know and love. Everything is set up for ease of use and the course learnings can be used straight away. Powerful and exciting to realise how Vibralite can be applied and how far-reaching the modality is. Benefits are using a trusted tool where there is nothing but good to come from.” Ginny, NZ

"Uplifting, life changing, exciting"

“Uplifting, life changing, exciting.” Nancy, NZ

"Great learning and notes"

“Great learning and notes. Now I have on-call healing when needed. I’m able to share healing with others simply and easily by asking and sending.” Fiona, NZ


“Enlightening! I will now be able to help myself and others, and care for my land and home.” Leone, NZ