What others say

“Vibralite is the most incredible healing technique I have ever encountered. It is so intuitive and easy to do, yet it is so powerful. It is such a vibrant energy that brings such happiness to me, my loved ones, and my clients.”
Faith Davis, USA

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"Infused with love and light"

“Vibralite contains the highest vibrational frequency from the cosmos. It is purely infused with love and light not only for healing but also for spiritual evolution. This modality will increase your frequency even higher and higher, there’s no limit to as how far you can go up, sky is the limit indeed. As you increase your frequency and match the frequency of the cosmos you will open yourself up to a lot of potentials and possibilities. This modality is simple, as it should be, and that’s how powerful it is, just by intention alone. So use this loving energy to yourself and to others unsparingly.” Michele Lavilla, USA

"More powerful than Reiki"

“I love the powerful simplicity of Vibralite. It works so quickly to restore energy and vitality to the body. I have practiced Reiki for a number of years but find Vibralite has a more powerful vibration and works quickly on a physical mental emotional and spiritual level. It is now my ‘go to’ healing modality.” Debbie Kingston, England

"High vibrations and beautiful energies"

“I had my Vibralite 2 attunement this evening. It was a wonderful experience very strong energies and vibrant colours. High vibrations and beautiful energies. Just loving the whole experience. It’s amazing, so grateful to be part of Vibralite. It is certainly life changing.” Marilyn Nairn, New Zealand

"Quicker and easier than Reiki"

“I had learnt Reiki and Human and Universal Energy (or Life Energy). Vibralite is much quicker than the Reiki method. With Vibralite the moment you use the request, one can feel the vibration energy instantly.
Vibralite is extremely easy to use. Thank you so much for putting this amazing course together and for your connection with this pure and new energy and the beautiful healing frequencies of the universe.” Michelle, England

"You’ll be amazed"

“Vibralite is a new healing modality easy to use and to learn. You’ll be amazed with what you’ll achieve with Vibralite. Even if you already use other systems give it a shot I’m sure you’ll not regret it. I’ve been using it on myself and sending energy to others. Vibralite will help you to make a connection with energy and to use it in a safe and easy way. Just try!” Leandro Costa, Portugal

"Amazing vibration"

“Vibralite’s simplicity, accessibility, and amazing vibration resonated with me from day one. I have had a challenging few months and have used Vibralite, frequently on the run, to prop myself up. The energy is clear, quick and exactly what I need at the time. Love your work Helen.” Sheri Buckland, Australia

"A new means of Healing"

“Vibralite in my opinion a new means of Healing that will not only enhance existing Modalities but may even supersede. From my first experience I had the intuition Vibralite has its own Intelligence, Power and the ability to understand what is required with minimal instructions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend trying it for your self.” Robert Ritchie Registered Spiritual Healer, NZ

"The most powerful form of healing"

“This is a very advanced and deeply profound healing modality. Highly recommend experiencing it. It may well be life changing for you. Vibralite Healing is the most powerful form of healing I have ever experienced. As a healer of many years I have learned, practiced and experienced many modalities and I rate this as up there with the highest vibrational form of healing available on the planet at this time. Its potential is unlimited. I love its simplicity of use and its almost instant available when called upon.” Lisa Sinclair, New Zealand

"Deeper connection"

“Vibralite feels like I have come home. I feel a deeper connection to Spirit, and am remembering who and what I am capable of. I am feeling connected to my highest self.” Robin Stidham, California, USA

"Powerful healing"

“Vibralite is a powerful healing method that is very simple to use with amazing results.” Michelle, England

"Incredible healing modality"

“I find Vibralite healing works with the most powerful energies available to us at this stage. It is very easy to learn and even easier to use. I have been an energy healer since 1998 and I find Vibralite the most incredible healing modality. It is truly conscious energy and as a healer we can be creative with it and also use it with other healing modalities. Remote healings are incredibly easy to send. I have great feedback from family and friends and also my pets! Thank you Helen, for your patience and trust in bringing this amazing healing modality from the stars to us and making it available to use.” Frankie Schmid, NZ

"Feels like home"

“Vibralite Energy feels like something very familiar to me. It feels like Home! The part I love is it feels like meeting an old dear friend, it feels like a family reunion after so many years. It feels like Home to me… Such Joy!!!” Agnė Talmantaitė, Lithuania

"Overall a lot happier"

“The energy feels really good to me, really high vibrational and cosmic!! Since working with it I’ve felt really light, and overall a lot happier which is awesome. It sort of reminds me of home actually.” Bergitte WildHeart, NZ

"Strong and effective energies"

“I’m so grateful to have been guided to Vibralite. After many years of other courses and attunements, I have found the energies of Vibralite to be the most effective. It’s incredibly easy to learn and even easier to give to others. It has an unusually strong vibration…….in a most delightful way! I would say also that it is an excellent enhancer to invoke when working with other systems. I thoroughly recommend it.” Jane Watkins, Wales

"Powerful, transformative healing!"

“Very powerful, transformative healing! Feel this shifting me into a more clear, aligned space. Such a wonderful tools for healing and transformation – and you show me that it can be creative and fun!” Erin Johnston, USA

"Totally amazing"

“Vibralite was just what I needed. Each level the frequency gets stronger. I have a true sense of peace within my being since taking these courses. Totally amazed at how the transformation was so gentle and you just know things are different.” Pam Brodeur, USA

"Highly recommend"

“Vibralite has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Helen is a fantastic teacher and the Vibralite community is very supportive. Vibralite has given me the tools to calibrate myself and others (including animals!) during these crazy times and I highly recommend this modality of healing.” Jo Rodriguez, Australia

"Powerful tool for support and healing"

“Powerful tool to provide support and healing to those we know and love. Everything is set up for ease of use and the course learnings can be used straight away. Powerful and exciting to realise how Vibralite can be applied and how far-reaching the modality is. Benefits are using a trusted tool where there is nothing but good to come from.” Ginny, NZ

"Powerful and intelligent energy"

“I feel blessed to have been introduced to Vibralite. This is an extremely powerful and intelligent form of energy healing that is fascinating and simple to learn.” Vanessa Lord, England

"Amazing energies"

“Amazing energies, awesome healing. Absolutely loving Vibralite. Thank you.” Merran, New Zealand

"Easy and powerful"

“It’s very easy to use and I find it very powerful. Its intelligence addresses immediately any health problem and any related issues relieving pain and promoting well-being and can be used in combination with other healing modalities, hands on or distant. Thank you so much, Helen for bringing such a high vibrational energy from the stars to help all beings and mother Earth in this plane in our Ascension journey.” Esther Carrascosa Company, Spain