Vibralite Image Terms of Use

“Infused with love and light“

“Deeper connection“

Use of downloadable Vibralite images available from the Vibralite website

Intellectual property

  • Intellectual property ownership and rights are held by Vibralite, particularly those relating to trademarks and copyright.
  • Requirements connected to what is permitted or not permitted regarding the use of the name Vibralite and the associated imagery, logos and sacred geometry is included in the Vibralite Terms of Use (made up of the sections on the website entitled Terms, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer).
  • The terms “Vibralite”, “Vibralite healing” and “Vibralite healer” must not be linked to other modalities in any branding, promotional material or explanation concerning Vibralite.

Downloadable Vibralite posters for personal use

  • Downloadable images for personal use are available to individuals who are enrolled in at least Vibralite 1.
  • A fee is payable for the downloadable images available for personal use as posters.
  • The downloadable images are to be printed, without modification, as posters (in a range of sizes) by:
    • using a compatible printer of your own; or
    • using a print shop, at your own cost;
      to achieve a suitable standard of print.
  • The downloadable images available via the Vibralite website (and the resulting printed material) must:
    • only be for personal use (unless the individual has completed Vibralite 2 and then the downloadable images can be used as posters to promote Vibralite);
    • not be used (in whole or part) for Facebook advertisements, branding, websites, social media accounts and the like;
    • not be circulated or distributed to other individuals and/or entities for their use;
    • not be mounted on servers for public use, or for use by a set of subscribers; and
    • not be made available to a server for access by third parties.
  • The content (including images) may not be re-published in print or electronic form without permission from Vibralite.

Downloadable Vibralite images and marketing material for promoting Vibralite

  • Downloadable images and marketing material for promoting Vibralite are only available to those who have successfully completed (at least) Vibralite 2 and earned the corresponding certificate.
  • A fee is payable for the downloadable images and material available for promoting Vibralite.
  • The downloadable images and marketing material for promoting Vibralite available from the Vibralite website must only be used:
    • as promotional material (including as posters, banners, leaflets, labels); and
    • in accordance with the stated purpose of each image (as stated on each image).
  • The conditions set out above and applicable to printing and use apply to the images and marketing material available for promoting Vibralite.

Other material

  • If you wish to use, or create and use, material not sourced from promotional material available via the Vibralite website, you:
    • must seek approval of the material and its proposed use from Vibralite;
    • note a cost may be applicable to reviewing material provided for which approval is sought; and
    • acknowledge any approval is at the complete and sole discretion of Vibralite and any such approval may be subject to changes to the material and/or conditions for its use.