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Hi I’m Helen of Vibralite Healing. My life has been changed in profound and positive ways by Vibralite’s incredible energies. 

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Easy ways to cleanse your crystals

Cleanse your crystals quickly and easily with these simple tips. Find out how to charge them up so they radiate their true power and potential.

Are you a crystal lover like me? There’s something very special about their natural beauty and power. They’ve gradually formed over thousands or millions of years, and each one has its own qualities and is totally unique.

Crystals need cleansing just like we do, and this charges them up and helps them radiate their true power and potential. You can cleanse your crystals using water, brown rice, sunlight, full moonlight, sage, burying them underground, using a cleansing crystal etc. All these options take a lot of time and effort, and if you’ve got quite a few crystals, it’s a big job to cleanse them all.

How to cleanse your crystals in seconds

With Vibralite, you can quickly and easily cleanse your crystals in seconds. All you need to do is ask Vibralite! Then Vibralite will cleanse your crystals for you.

You can use Vibralite to:

  • Cleanse and clear all your crystals at once.
  • Infuse crystals with Vibralite to enhance their healing properties. e.g., to radiate calm and nurturing vibes; or attune it to the holders highest good.
  • Use virtual crystals for healing. Simply ask Vibralite to recreate the energy of a crystal, then receive healing with it. This is a fun one, because you could experience the energy of rare and precious crystals that you wouldn’t normally be able to get.

If you’d like to do more with your crystals, then become a Vibralite healer and have fun with crystals today.

About Vibralite Healing

Vibralite® heals, raises your vibration, and supports your Ascension.

With Vibralite, you can easily give powerful, transformational healing to yourself and others. Vibralite’s high dimensional healing frequencies raise your vibration, release blocks, and heals all levels of your being.

Vibralite healing:

  • Brings peace and wellbeing
  • Dissolves lower frequencies and energetic blockages
  • Offers physical, emotional and mental support
  • Strengthens and restores wholeness to the body, mind and spirit
  • Raises your vibration
  • Connects you to your higher self and soul purpose

Hundreds of healers from all over the world are attuned to Vibralite. Come and join us. If you’d like to know more, then click this link.

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Are you interested in learning Vibralite and would like to trial a free healing for yourself? Well you can! Before you commit to learning this powerful and transformational modality, experience a 30 minute video healing that’s custom-made especially for you by the Vibralite energies. 

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